Sunday, June 10, 2007

June 10th AHT - Update - Creative Clutter Sale!


30% off of Controlling Creative Clutter until June 17th! If you or someone you know, continually have trouble keeping art materials and supplies in order this is THE perfect item! $6.99 E-Book

Sixty-eight pages of tips, worksheets and information on organizing, to help you get your studio or work area together and keep it that way.

New Item

Thank you for the WONDERFUL response to this item!

"The Polymer Palette: Color Mixing Guidelines for Polymer Clay" $3.50 E-Book

10 page compact, direct and easy to follow guideline to show you how to gain control over color in polymer clay. Take out the guesswork.

Question: What has 4469 and 37 subscribers?

Answer: This blog and Kansas Region of ScriptFrenzy
The problem with the site seems to not be the host, but somewhere between them and myself that the connection went wacky. But all seems well now. I tend to blame the weather; it was so windy we had power outages in the region.
Interesting Links

Max McCoys Page of Links - Author I attended the workshop of - Interesting links found here.
ETSY shop

Garden is growing - look at pics taken this morning.

I am working on a script for ScriptFrenzy. As soon as it is over it will free up more time to add free lessons to the site. Until then you can drop me an email to let me know what areas you might light to see expanded.
Free Lessons and Tutorials

See article in KC Star where I am mentioned :0) (shameless plug)
I don't think I have ever shown this - Outline of Nonfiction book project displayed on my office wall.

May look a bit drab, but is first thing I see when I walk into office each day. It helps me to stay on task when combined with my to-do list.
Stay safe and have a wonderful week!

Again, feel free to share this blog with anyone you think could benefit from its contents.

Diane Dobson Barton

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