Thursday, June 21, 2007

Update - Beading and Sale

"Make a Profit with Your Passion: Starting a Home-Based Art Business"
On sale until June 30th - $6.99 Regularly $9.99

New Work

Although it is less than an inch wide and a bracelet, I must be a slow beader because this took much longer than I anticipated. But I was determined to finish it!

I showed this the other day and decided it needed more work. I had this covered with painters tape to keep the fringe out of the way while adding more fringe on the bottom. When I pulled all the tape off the first thing I thought was that it looks like a dress from 1985, lol.
Interesting Link
I was sent this today from Christ Grant, and I had to share it!

Craft Report Magazine

I posted this while goofing on ETSY and discovered many had not heard of the magazine. Is well worth checking out!
Feel free to forward this blog to other you think you would benefit.

I am no longer able to personally answer each email, because of the volume. So please forgive me if you do not get a personal answer to emails. Emails concerning business transactions take priority.



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