Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Tutorial on Artist-How-To

New tutorial to check out at

Make a buffer wheel for your Dremel tool. Perfect for polishing your polymer clay items quick and easy!

Be sure to check out latest sales at Artist-How-To at


Adobe Releases new Project - Apollo

If you are into designing your own art site - be sure to check this out!


Gardening blog updated if curious

Later gang!


Friday, March 23, 2007 Controlling Creative Clutter Sale

Spring Clean Sale "Controlling Creative Clutter: Organizing the Artist's Studio" 2nd Edition Regularly $9.99 now $5.99!!!!

Until March 31st Only New FreeTutorial

New Lesson and Images in Gallery at ArtyWiki

So the question of the day is....'What do you drink when your creating?"

I tend to stick with diet coke or coffee. I get so wrapped up in what I am doing it gets cold or hot, before I know it. And, anything stronger and I may as well give up trying to get any work accomplished. What can I say? am a wimp :0).

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Artist-How-To New Release and Sale!!!

New items on Sale at Sale Page

First Installment on the newest release "Black and White with a 35mm SLR Camera: Part One" for $3.99
"Romance In Bloom" Image Collection - Regularly $4.99 -On Sale for $2.99

Vintage Images - Collection One On Sale for $5.99 Regularly $9.99
ArtistHowToDOTcom ETSY Shop

And Another Interesting ETSY Shop ....

Links Of Interest

Amazing Photographic Images

Animation you have to see to believe

Beautiful Creations Made From Paper

Diane Dobson Barton

Monday, March 19, 2007 Update March 19, 2007

Artist-How-To free articles and information can be found at

Choose between a number of e-books for $9.99 or less!

Have a class you would like to take online? But you just can not find someone that offers it in you price range? Let us know what you are looking for, Be sure to check out the classroom.

Our ETSY shop contains a number of charms and pendants perfect for Spring!

Interesting Links

Gordan Parks Center and Photography Competition

Think you can live without your computer for 24 hours?

Wonderful use of the human form in sculpture

Free Marketing Information

Interesting laser project

...On a more personal note
This past week the weather has permitted e to get the garden started. Along with the standard vegetable fair I will be including items we artists can use for create purposes.

Yes, this i an image of the garden area. Initially I thought that 450 sq feet would be enough, but after dividing the area up on paper, I will need to add to it.

FYI after planting a few seeds, about 1/3 of the space, I am sore in areas that I forgot I had. (Back of hand on forehead) Oh how an artist must suffer for their work ;0)

Coming Up
A new Amulet Bag

Plants for the artist to grow.

Tax information for the upcoming April 15Th 'CRUNCH'.


Have a wonderful time creating!

Feel free to share this information with anyone you feel could benefit from its contents, and keep up the emails with suggestions and questions :0)

Diane Dobson Barton

Saturday, March 10, 2007 March 10th Update's ArtyWiki is now up and running. All of the free lessons and tutorials have been transfered over and you can now search and take...well just go check it out!

We also are beginning to use a new logo, that will be implemented throughout the pages over the coming weeks.
This week between getting the wiki up and going and transferring everything over I did get another amulet bag completed. Next week look for the instructions to be posted on our new Wiki.

This weeks post is short and sweet,

As always

Have a good weekend all!


Sunday, March 4, 2007

March Sale - 50% off our best Sellers!

Until March 6th 50% off our best sellers! For the next 50 buyers only!

This includes "Controlling Creative Clutter" and "Make A Profit With Your Passion" E-books.
This is my way of celebrating the 1187 subscribers over the last month :0)
I think PHP was designed by God to torture right-brained people lol. This past week has been feverishly spent producing our new ArtyWiki After looking at a large number of programs and possibilities I decided on TikiWiki to set up our new feature. The goal is to move all of our free lessons to the wiki so that others can easily share, comment and ask questions. For now there are just a few items set up as examples to get things moving.
Interesting links

The more I learn about Open Source Software the more I appreciate it. The following links are to a few of my favorites. Free Open Source Software similar to Microsoft Office.

There is also the progam called GIMP that is supposed to be similar to Photoshop. But it is just not the same quality in my opinion.
I must apologize also if this post sounds strictly like an advertisement. I did get a bit of creative work done the first of the week by creating a amulet bag, from the weaving of last week. Now that the basic wiki has been set up I will finish it in the coming days.
Have a wonderful week all!

Diane Dobson Barton