Sunday, April 15, 2007

SPECIAL Artist-How-To Update April 15th

Special Offer To First 5 Posters!
OK this post will be short and to the point. The first 5 people that reply to this post on the blog will receive a free e-book of their choice, from the site We have close to 3000 subscribers so this is the perfect chance to come on out! :0)
Online Shops
Listings on EBay featuring Zines at a special price! Once they are gone they will no longer be offered in the format shown.

Shop in or ETSY shop, while the items are still available!
This week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend an area Writer's Conference. I am still reeling from the vast amount of information I was privilege to. I am sure you will hear more about that in the coming weeks :0)

The garden was under snow this weekend. That is right snow in Kansas, in April. Too see pics go here to the Gardening Blog, "Will Art For Food"
Well, that wraps it up for this week. And whatever you do not forget to post as soon as you read this!


Jennifer said...

wow,snow still, isn't it neat?issme2

Jennifer said...

wow. snow still isn't it great?

wendy hill milliman said...

I'd love to have your how to blog ebook!

Wendy Milliman

Lorri McColgan said...

I have had to put crafting on hold today to bail the basement. We are getting water where we never had water before....somehow I am sure I would rather be crafting

Debby said...

Thanks for all the inspiraiton! Hope you are having a great Sunday!

Kristy C said...

Thanks for your links! I am glad to have found your info on the Collagecats group :)

Dianne said...

Thanks for an interesting site.

Anonymous said...

Hey Herbie,
Just read your blog and thought I would put my name in the pot for the free ebook.
I'm happy you're still finding pleasure with your writing!

Anonymous said...

I don't think my first comment went through, so I am attempting it again.

Best wishes to you, Herbie!


wendy mc said...

Wow!! This is so generous of you! I saw your post on Collagecats and jumped right over. You have some wonderful stuff on your website!

~ wendy

Anonymous said...

Me, me I'm here.

The Queen of Swaps said...

what a great idea to have digital instruction books & how-to's.....I'd love to get my hands on 'controlling clutter' even though I now have my own WHOLE room to 'art' in, I still have a mess.......oh I dooooo need help!

Ulrike said...

The weather seems to be going crazy. Could this be inspiring?
Wishing you all the best

Ulrike said...

Oh, and if I could win an e-book to inspire my creativity that would be great.

Debbi B said...

Hi Diane - I couldn't resist replying to your offer. What a great website you have and even books on decluttering! (Something I am trying to do!) Cheers, Debbi B

Skye said...

I hope that I'm one of the 5 people posting..Crossing my fingers, eyes and toes..


Lisa said...

I can't believe no one has taken you up on this yet! I love the "Controlling Creative Clutter" book, looking forward to reading another.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know that even though I don't post, I do read. I have been off work since my surgery March 28th so I am enjoying my computer time. Keep us the good work and one day I may set up a blog myself
I am always looking for new techiques to use in my altered art.
Linda in SC

~Vix~ said...

Hi! I can't believe anyone hasn't posted yet. So I'm here to make my post to you. I hope this is the correct part of the blog to post on. Hugs, Vix (member of Art Dolls)

~Vix~ said...

I have been itching to go to any writers conference but alas time is not nice to me - never seem to have any extra to set aside for these things. Glad you had a great time! Hugs,

Diane said...

Wow this is great! Look at all the replies :0) Makes my day! And because of that, I am feeling extra anyone that posted before or at April 16, 2007 8:25 AM make sure that your Blogger ID here has contact information that is up to date. Let me know which e-book you would like to have! :0)

I will go through the system to drop each of you an email, but I see there are a couple that I can't. :0( So be sure to change your settings so that I can at least verify that yes, that is you that posted.

Cathy ~o said...

Well this will teach me to not read my groups for such long stretches! Just saw the post about this today and missed out on my chance to get a free ebook :-(
maybe next time!!
Oh btw..some great stuff here, so it was still worth the trip :-)

Diane said...


I am throwing around the idea of doing something similar on a regular basis. So maybe next time :0)