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If you are like many, you had a cold spell this past week, you were forced back inside. To help take advantage of that extra time indoors bone up on your alternative methods of photography 'Section Four - Alternative Methods' of our latest release "Black and White with a 35mm SLR Camera".

Or get a hold of that clutter, with "Controlling Creative Clutter: Organizing the Artist's Studio" 2nd Edition

Ten things you can deduct as an Artist working from home.
(Note- I am not a tax attorney, so be sure to contact a legal professional if necessary)

April 15th is only 7 days away! So if you haven't filed already, you are most likely feeling the 'crunch time'.

1. Magazines - That's right, any magazine that you purchase to read more about your chosen profession, or submit your art to is allowed.

2. Entry Fees - Time to dig out the information you filed away back in March of 2006 to enter your work in that competition.

3. Art supplies - Must have to make art. So remember to keep those receipts from Hobby Lobby and Dick Blick!

4. A portion of your rent/mortgage - You will find the necessary information most likely on your schedule C form.

5. Internet - Percentage of cost you use for business.

6. Hardware - Computer Hardware that is. Did you need to get a new Printer last year?

7. Maintenance - Upkeep of studio/office space, such as necessary floor covering, or wall paint.

8. Office Supplies - Paper used in printer, ink, envelopes etc that are a part of business.

9. Postage - Cost of postage for work sold, or for shows.

10. Travel Cost - Did you need to make a run somewhere to participate in a business activity? Be sure to take the deductions possible. But only those that apply to necessary business travel.

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I opened this post with a mention of the weather. Unfortunately it took its toll on my garden plants. But, as soon as it is warm enough again I will be back out there. This includes trying my hand at growing some cotton, gourds, and plants for dye material. To keep tabs on the activity join us at 'Will Art For Food'

Have a wonderful Easter Everyone :0)

Diane Dobson Barton

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