Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Artist-How-To Lessons and Tutorials Update

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I see copyright issues pop up all over the net. It is not uncommon to see people selling copyrighted images online, but that does not mean it is legal. Disney characters are a big one that can cause wind the seller up in hot water. Don't think that people will not see, or notice.
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"Controlling Creative Clutter: Organizing the Artist's Studio"
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When researching the new edition of Passion with Your Profit, I came across so much information and was thinking about things so much, that one publication will not be enough. Instead I have decided to break it up into smaller editions.

They Are;

Artist's Business Plan
Selling Online and Building an Artist's Website Business
Artist's Legal Issues
Artist's PR and Marketing
Shipping Your Art
Exhibiting Your Art
FYI I am going to switch from having Wednesdays off to Sundays, starting this next week.
Have a great week all!

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Lisa said...

Diane - what do you know about the "orphan works" copyright amendment legislation that is supposed to be coming up in Congress? I got notice about it through a doll group I belong to - it's a resubmission of a bill that was introduced but not passed 2 years ago, and it seems to have a lot of people up in arms.

Artist-How-To said...

I am glad you pointed this out to me. I admit I had to Google it to learn about it.

From what I understand it could be a very scary position for many artist/photographers to be in, and who know how much harder it would be to find 'owners' in the years to come as the internet continues to grow.

Definitely something to watch! Thank you again for pointing this out to me.

BTW for others the links below may help clarify what the "Orphan Works" is referring to;