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Interesting Links

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Wonderful use of the human form in sculpture

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...On a more personal note
This past week the weather has permitted e to get the garden started. Along with the standard vegetable fair I will be including items we artists can use for create purposes.

Yes, this i an image of the garden area. Initially I thought that 450 sq feet would be enough, but after dividing the area up on paper, I will need to add to it.

FYI after planting a few seeds, about 1/3 of the space, I am sore in areas that I forgot I had. (Back of hand on forehead) Oh how an artist must suffer for their work ;0)

Coming Up
A new Amulet Bag

Plants for the artist to grow.

Tax information for the upcoming April 15Th 'CRUNCH'.


Have a wonderful time creating!

Feel free to share this information with anyone you feel could benefit from its contents, and keep up the emails with suggestions and questions :0)

Diane Dobson Barton

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