Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Organize and Set Art Goals for 2008 - Holiday Special

Choose Either for $6.99 Until December 31st

Controlling Creative Clutter: Organizing the Artist’s Studio”

or “Make a Profit with Your Passion: Starting a Home-Based Art Business”

This is the ideal time to get things in order and make plans for the coming year! In order to
help you along I have decided to put the two items above at a special price of $6.99. These are PERFECT items to get you off in 2008 on the right foot.

Personally, I am winding up small projects and making goals and plans for the upcoming year. (Who isn’t?) In 2008 we have more ‘Polymer People’ editions to come, and a few surprises up our sleeves.

As always our primary goal is to help you out in your creative goals. So here is to seeing that the rest of your Holiday Season is as wonderful as 2008 is bound to be!


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