Sunday, December 30, 2007

Artist How To 2008 Goals and Looking Back at 2007

Today is December 30th and naturally I have been thinking about the activity at AHT over the past year. So here is a brief list;

A more personal thing for me, I grew my own cotton here in my home garden. I took photos along the way to document the process. ‘Will Art For Food’

Some of the AHT Goals for 2008

  • Redo site - make slicker and user friendly - definite plan by Jan 14
  • Double Advertising Budget
  • More Free Lessons and Tutorials
  • Polymer People Torso

Personal Goals for 2008

  • Run a 5k
  • Get in good enough shape to run 5k and not die
  • Spend more time doing nothing
  • Spend extra time with Hawkeye (dog)
  • Stick to a regular work schedule
  • Spend money wise
  • Be nicer to my fellow humans
  • Give more away
  • Be decisive
  • Play

So there you have it! Before we know it it will be 2008 and we will all start with a clean slate. Let’s forget all the old baggage and live the life that before we were only wishing we had.

This is it, no trial runs, no practice. So let’s make 2008 the best yet!!



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