Sunday, August 26, 2007

AHT Update and Sale

Sales still in full swing on "Controlling Creative Clutter", and of course the pre-order of "Polymer People"
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Interesting Links

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Judith Hoff Brooks

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Donna Kato Blog
The ebook is chugging right along and it should be done in the next week. That is the goal anyway. But, the release date is still set for Sept 9th. Also, I am looking at having it printed at a print on demand publisher, possibly LuLu. So for those of you that do not do ebooks, there will be another option :0)
My cotton is loving the hot dry weather here in Kansas. To see pics please visit my garden blog -

This is my first time growing cotton and I am anxious to see what becomes of it all. There are only ten plants, but next year I may plant many, many more.
Sad News
Two important artists passed away this week, Vickie Enkoff and Susanne Oroyan. Our thoughts and prayers are with their friends and family at this difficult time.
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Leonard said...

I'd like to mention a print-on-demand service we have introduced in India, another option you could consider for your book. CinnamonTeal Print & Publishing Services ( offers services much on the lines of Lulu. No upfront costs and commissions of 20% of the author's profit. However, we do offer substantial cost advantages even after postage from India is factored in.
- Leonard