Thursday, July 5, 2007

AHT Catch-Up Week

This is not an ordinary AHT blog post. So if that is what you are wanting, you will want to skip the rest of this post.
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Impromptu Vacation
This past week we have had record flooding in the area. Although the water did not come close to our home, it did interfere with normal activities. But I am not complaining, many lost their homes and everything they own.

BTW Pics can be seen on my other blog WillArtForFood

BUT, I was not able to get to my day job. Because of the scheduling change I decided to think of it as my Summer Vacation of sorts and I spent the time catching up on projects around the house/office/studio. It was nice after finishing the script (ScriptFrenzy), to have time to regroup and tie up some loose ends.

A bag I made for my AlphaSmart, and other writing essentials. I have an older model AlphaSmart, but I still LOVE it! The bag is padded and is loaded with pockets.

Initially this was to be the exterior of the bag, it is reversible, washable, with a removable insert for a stiff bottom. Others say they like the zebra print better.

This week I designed a number of bags for practical use by creative people. I have it down on paper, so hopefully someday I will have the chance to make them a reality.

Also completed - the binding on two king-sized quilts I had someone else quilt for me. My mother made the tops, and they are HUGE. Although I have to admit they seemed MUCH larger once I was hand sewing the binding. Each took approximately 7 hours to finish the binding alone.

Finished Script Frenzy June 30th YEAH!, and slapped the poster into a frame to match last years NANOWRIMO.

What is so unique about a filing cabinet? Other than the fact it needs to be updated from that forest green color? I purged and reorganized all of my files.

Ready for these to go back to the library. This is a good thing, because many I have renewed more than I care to admit.

Not shown are the multitude of smaller things I completed, filed, or just decided were ready to retire. My work area looks as below, minus the sewing machine being out.

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