Sunday, January 28, 2007

January 28th 2007 Update

Artist-How-To January 28, 2007 Update

News from the Past Week
3 new domains registered for Artist-How-To
Currently directs you to the front page of Artist-How-To (AHT)
Registered for the obvious reason that I need to have my name registered and there is already a Diane Barton website in use.
In preparation for the polymer clay figures that are about to be blasted forth into cyberspace as part of Artist-How-To (AHT)
MORE Free lessons
Four new tutorials were posted this week on the site.

Digital Photographs of Small Objects- Flash
Digital Photography Depth of Field - Smaller Objects
Quick and Easy Light Tent and Testing
Setting Keystroke Functions in Photoshop CS2
All free lessons

Call for Submissions
This brings me to the next important point of this message. I am sending out a call for contributors to the Artist-how-to free lesson page.

Hits on the site continue to rise and I want to keep adding as much information on this page as I can. But I only have to hands and I want to offer the chance to those of you whom may have a hint, tip or lesson you would like to contribute to be published on the site. You of course will be given full credit along with any contact info that you wish to include. :0)

If you have any questions about submissions please contact me at

Items featured on Site

“Black and White With Your 35mm SLR Camera” $12.00
Includes 133 pages of creating black and white photography with a 35mm SLR camera

To find out more go to:

A NEW set of 5 pages of luscious images to use in your Valentine and Wedding projects is available for $4.99. To find out more go here -
As mentioned last week, I now have items on ETSY for sale

This coming Tuesday, Jan 30th and Feb 4th work will be included in the ETSY showcase. So, keep an eye out for them :0)
Interesting Sites

A 100% free marketplace for selling online. No software is required. To find out more be sure to visit their site.

Pod casts not really related to art. Basically two guys sitting around drinking beer discussing things related to the internet and technology. It is something different to listen to while working away.

Site for those interested in having their work printed, marketed toward artists looking for a straight forward approach.

Want to submit your design work and get that much needed exposure? Check this out.

If you are an artist in business for yourself, and you have not looked at this site, RUN there right now. No I am not affiliated in anyway. I just really appreciate what this site has to offer.

On first glance it can appear to be loaded with ads, but they are worth wading through if you are not interested in them to find the free content.
Last but certainly NOT least
In an effort to streamline things at Artist-How-To, theYahoo Group will cease to exist after the end ofthis month. I have instead created a blog aimed JUST for businesspurposes.

You will still be able to subscribe to our group, but now I can easily load images and surprise freebies with ease. To subscribe go to the business blog follow the directions where it says `subscribe to this feed' Business blog
If anyone has any question about how to subscribe etc, feel free to email me at and I will be happy to help.

If you want to read my personal blog it will now be Personal blog

I strongly encourage you to leave comments on the blog. This is a great way for me to find out what you are interested and what we can offer that will fit your personal needs.

I remember hearing that politicians consider every letter they receive to represent 18 people. The remainder just does not want, for whatever reason, to speak up. So come on up and post, I promise to not instill any new taxes or start any wars.

In Closing

FYI I would like to post comments from customers on the site. If you have anything you would like to share or comment please email me at

Feel free to pass this along to whomever you feel can benefit from its contents.

Keep creating! :0)


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