Saturday, January 13, 2007

January 13 Update

Artist-How-To January 13, 2007 Update

Newly Available
A NEW set of 5 pages of luscious images to use in your Valentine and Wedding projects is available for $4.99. To find out more go here -

I now have items on ETSY for sale
Interesting Sites
You Tube Video of making a baby with polymer clay

If you have not looked at what offers for free art tutorials you will be pleasantly surprised! To those easily shocked, remember this is a free sharing of video site, so they will naturally have things that it not appropriate for all ages.

Lost information update

Bad news, almost all images of making a polymer clay figure have been lost, this includes all of the high resolution images. This was hundreds of hours of work BTW. This is why the free lesson on “Sculpting a Human Head in Polymer Clay” still says “Coming Soon”. I will do what I can to have it up as soon as possible, but there are other things that unfortunately have taken priority in the business of the site.

I apologize for the problem and will correct this as soon as I can.
Last but certainly NOT least
Again, in an effort to streamline some things at Artist-How-To, the Yahoo Group will cease to exist after the end of this month. I have instead created a blog aimed JUST for business purposes. You will still be able to subscribe to our group, but now I can easily load images and surprise freebies with ease.

To subscribe go to the business blog follow the directions where it says ‘subscribe to this feed’

Business blog

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