Sunday, March 23, 2008

Polymer Peeps and Link

I am still working away on my updated version of “Profit with Your Passion”, so there is no new sale this week. There is however one that expires tomorrow, “Polymer People”, a bundle of three for $19.49.


A friend was looking in a craft magazine and showed me interesting vintage images. They mentioned a person could download them. So later that day, when online I moseyed to the site. I was VERY impressed. While looking at the image collections and lessons, I kept telling myself “THIS is how I wished I had the time to present image collections.”

Everyone and their brother seems to be listing image collections of some sort on their sites. But IMO these are people that are doing it the ideal way! So they, of course, are my interesting site the week.

I am also proud to say that AFTER being impressed, I discovered they are from my area of the country. According to their site they are located in Kansas City, about 125 miles from my location.

(short and sweet :0)


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