Sunday, February 17, 2008

Polymer People Sale Ending Today - New Poll

It is getting to be that time of year again, tax time. As one of our ‘Free Tutorials and Lessons’ is the information presented below.

Ten Tax Deductions For Artists


Today (February 16th) Is the last day for the following sale:

Two-For-One Sale

“Polymer People: An Artist’s Method of Sculpting the Adult Head in Polymer Clay” &

“Polymer People: An Artist’s Method of Sculpting Hands and Feet in Polymer Clay”

This saves you $7.99


“Polymer People: an Artists Method of Sculpting The Adult Adult Torso in Polymer Clay”

Is Now Available:

This is the latest in the “Polymer People” series. It has been asked by several if the series will all be available in one download?

Because of the amount of images involved, and the quality of the images necessary we may only be able to offer it in CD format. We are currently conducting a poll to see if this is something we should pursue or not. See poll link on our site


Last, but certainly not least, thank you to everyone that participated in our survey! I hope you have enjoyed the Valentine’s Day Collection we offered to you free as our way of showing our appreciation for taking part.


As always feel free to share this with anyone you feel could benefit from its contents.

Keep the emails coming! :0)


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