Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Artist-How-To.Com Feb 6th, 2007 Update

This is the first post of the now official Artist-How-To Blog while standing alone. Formerly I posted on the Yahoo group Artist-How-To but because of the limitations that the Yahoo format presents (no pics imbedded etc) I decided to forgo it all together and present only in blog format.

If you want this blog to be posted directly to your email box, it does have RSS capabilities. RSS according to Wikipedia is simply put a web format used to publish frequently updated digital content.

The old group will still be ‘there’, for now, but it will not be updated.

Wikipedia is a wonderful source for more information on this topic. And, I will be including, in the near future, a page on the site with information for those wishing to learn more.

Speaking of free information, we were weren't we? Another page has been added by request.
http://artist-how-to.com/boxtent.htm Creating a Light Tent from a cardboard box. It is perfect for those needing something a bit stronger.
Many months ago a friend of mine held a class on bead weaving at the area library. Some of you may remember me mentioning it on my personal blog. What I learned that day was not on a loom, but I knew I wanted to try one out at some point. Last week I had a friend give me a beading loom she found at a garage sale at a bargain price! Since then spare time has been used working with it.

I had been admiring the amulet bags I had seen online at ETSY and decided that would be what my first project. For those that are not aware, as I was not either until a few weeks ago, Amulet bags are reminiscent of the small beaded evening bags from the 20’s that ladies used to carry. And, it would be the perfect addition to an art doll that has been in progress for some time.

The bag beaded on the loom will be folded onto itself and the side seams ‘stitched up’ with beads and fringe added at the bottom of the bag and along the edge of the ‘flap’.

Do I see a lesson/ebook coming up with directions on how to do this with a loom or a peyote stitch?
Romance Image Collection for Valentines Day can be found here for $4.99
All the images of which can be printed off and used to your hearts content :)
Artist-How-To.com ETSY shop including pendants for yourself or someone you love.
FYI I would like to post moe comments from customers on the site. If you have anything you would like to share or comment please email me at bartonstudio@cox.net.

Feel free to pass this along to whomever you feel can benefit from its contents.

Keep creating! :0)


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